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Storage Hardware

The storage at OSC consists of servers, data storage subsystems, and networks providing a number of storage services to OSC HPC systems. The current configuration consists of:

  • NetApp CE5400 storage server
  • Hitachi AMS1000 storage
  • 2 DataDirect Networks 9900 storage
  • local disk storage on each compute node
  • One IBM 3584 tape robot:
    • 16 LTO tape drives
    • 1900 TB (raw capacity) of LTO tapes
  • 18 home directory servers with a total capacity of 360 TB
  • 16 project directory servers with a total capacity of 660 TB
  • 10 GPFS servers with total usable space of 400 TB
  • Lustre file system with 569 TB of usable space, EXAScaler/SFA10K DDN