The only resource OSC currently charges for on batch jobs is processor use. We are considering a modification to our charging policy to reflect the fact that memory is also a scarce resource that should be accounted for in resource usage charges. The proposed change affects only Oakley jobs that request more than 4GB memory per processor (core).
It’s long been known that certain strains of human papillomavirus (HPV) cause cancer. Now, researchers at The Ohio State University have determined a new way that HPV might spark cancer development – by disrupting the human DNA sequence with repeating loops when the virus is inserted into host-cell DNA as it replicates.
A forest, supercomputer & glow-in-the-dark yarn might help environmental engineers save endangered plants found in isolated patches of meadow deep in the forest. Read more about Ohio State assistant professor Gil Bohrer's recent work involving OSC computing and storage resources.
Learn more about AweSim, the Ohio Supercomputer Center’s latest industrial engagement initiative to provide the benefits of modeling and simulation to small and mid-sized manufacturers.
The recently launched OH-TECH blog will provide the cornerstone for the consortium’s digital communications effort. Take a moment to explore the blog site’s features, including daily news highlights, staff recommendations and keyword/organization search and filter options. More Information

The Ohio Supercomputer Center will be offering several Summer 2014 internship opportunities. The positions are located on the west campus of The Ohio State University. To apply for any of these positions, please submit your resume, including information about your technical background, prior work experience, area of study and semesters of classes completed.


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