Update Tue Feb 10th 11:30am -- This issue is resolved.  

There is a bug in the changes we made to a part of our batch software during the downtime. The bug is affecting some users when they submit jobs to our system.

Storage Hardware

The storage at OSC consists of servers, data storage subsystems, and networks providing a number of storage services to OSC HPC systems. The current configuration consists of:

  • NetApp CE5400 storage server
  • Hitachi AMS1000 storage
  • 2 DataDirect Networks 9900 storage
  • local disk storage on each compute node
  • One IBM 3584 tape robot:
    • 16 LTO tape drives
    • 1900 TB (raw capacity) of LTO tapes
  • 18 home directory servers with a total capacity of 360 TB
  • 16 project directory servers with a total capacity of 660 TB
  • 10 GPFS servers with total usable space of 400 TB
  • Lustre file system with 569 TB of usable space, EXAScaler/SFA10K DDN