Applying for Academic Accounts

Statewide academic allocation of computing resources and services is a peer-reviewed account process governed by the Allocations Committee of the Statewide Users Group and subject to the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) Code of Ethics for Academic Users.

The procedures described enable services to be available to approved projects conducted by eligible principal investigators (PIs) at Ohio academic institutions. An eligible PI must have a full-time appointment at a college, a university, or a research organization administered by an Ohio academic institution (i.e., be a full-time, permanent academic researcher or tenure-track faculty member at an Ohio college or unviersity). Students, post-doctoral fellows, visiting scientists, and others who wish to use the facilities may be authorized users on projects headed by an eligible PI. Once a PI has received an OSC Academic Account, he/she can log into the Armstrong Client Portal ( to add new authorized user(s) to a project.

All first-time PIs must submit a signature page (electronically or hard copy). Please send a copy of the signature page to the attention of the Allocations Committee, OSC, 1224 Kinnear Road, Columbus, Ohio, 43212.

OSC's online account application is part of an electronic system that leads you through the process step by step. Before you begin to fill in the application form, especially if you are new to the process, look at the Account Application Help pages. From this help page, please note the required materials for each request. Have all information and materials (suggested reviewer names and addresses, proposal text file names, etc.) at hand before you begin the application form. You can save a partially completed project application form for later use.

Online Account Application Form (NEW PROJECT)
Online Account Application Form (EXISTING PROJECT - to add additional resources)
Classroom Project Application Form (use our resources and software in the classroom)

If you need assistance, please contact

Letter of Support for Outside Funding Proposals

OSC will provide a letter of support users can include with their account proposals for outside funding, such as from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. This letter details OSC's commitment to supporting research efforts of its users and the facilities and platforms we provide our users. [Note: This letter does not waive the normal OSC account application process; it merely states that OSC is willing to support such application.] The information users must provide for the letter is:

  • address to which the letter should be directed (e.g. NSF, Department, mailing address)
  • name of funding agency's representative
  • name of the proposal and names and home institutions of the Co-PIs
  • number of RUs per year you would apply for if you were to receive funding
  • number of years of proposed research

Send e-mail with your request for the support letter to OSC Help. We will prepare a draft PDF for your approval and then we will send you the final PDF for your proposal submission. Please allow at least two working days for this service.

Applying for Commercial Access

Researchers from commercial organizations who wish to use the OSC's resources should complete the Ohio business request form or request access through the form for someone other than an Ohio business or academic researcher.

Applying at NSF Centers

Researchers requiring additional computing resources should consider applying for allocations at National Science Foundation Centers. For more information, please write to, and your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate staff member.:

The OSC requires acknowledgment in any publications or reports that result from projects supported by OSC accounts of resources.