TotalView Debugger


TotalView is a symbolic debugger which supports threads, MPI, OpenMP, C/C++ and Fortran, plus mixed-language codes.  Advanced features include on-demand memory leak detection, heap allocation debugging and the Standard Template Library Viewer (STLView).  Other features like dive, a wide variety of breakpoints, the Message Queue Graph/Visualizer, powerful data analysis and control at the thread level give you the power you need to solve tough problems.  


Version Glenn Oakley
8.3.0 X  
8.5.0-1 X  
8.8.0-2 X  
8.9.2-1   X*

* Both standard and CUDA versions are available.  


To use TotalView, load the module and launch using the following commands:

module load totalview

Example code to debug can be found on both Glenn and Oakley in $TOTALVIEW_HOME/linux-x86-64/examples.  Refer to the file README.TXT in this directory for instructions for using these examples.  

Further Reading

On Oakley, the TotalView User Guide in pdf format can be found in $TOTALVIEW_HOME/doc/pdf.  

Additional information about TotalView can be found at the Rogue Wave Software page.  

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