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SuperLU is a library for the direct solution of large, sparse, nonsymmetric systems of linear equations on high performance machines.  It comes in two different flavors:  SuperLU_MT (multithreaded) for shared memory parallel machines and SuperLU_DIST for distributed memory parallel machines.

Availability & Restrictions

SuperLU is available to all OSC users without restriction.

The following versions of SuperLU are available on OSC systems:

Library Version Glenn Oakley
SuperLU_MT 2.0   X
SuperLU_MT 2.3 X  
SuperLU_DIST 2.3 X  
SuperLU_DIST 3.0   X
SuperLU_DIST 3.1   X

SuperLU is available for all compilers on Oakley but only for Intel compilers on Glenn.



To use the SuperLU libraries in your compilation, first load the appropriate superlu module:

On Oakley, use one of these:

module load superlu_mt

module load superlu_dist

On Glenn, you must first load the acml module:

module load acml-intel

then use one of these:

module load superlu-MT-intel

module load superlu-DIST-intel

Building With SuperLU

Once loaded, the SuperLU libraries can be linked in with your compilation. To do this, use the following environment variables:

On Oakley:

Variable Use
$SUPERLU_MT_CFLAGS Include path for multithreaded libraries
$SUPERLU_MT_LIBS Link flags for multithreaded libraries
$SUPERLU_DIST_CFLAGS Include path for distributed-memory libraries
$SUPERLU_DIST_LIBS Link flags for distributed-memory libraries

On Glenn:

Variable Use
$SUPERLU_INC Include path
$SUPERLU_LIBS Link flags for either library, depending on loaded module

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