Kevin Wohlever

OSC Director of Supercomputing Operations

Kevin Wohlever serves as the Director of Supercomputing Operations for the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC).

The HPC operations group at OSC provides the management of the hardware, software, storage and networking systems for research computing.

Additionally, Wohlever holds expertise in technical project management and computer security.

Most recently, Wohlever was the managing project director for the OSC-Springfield office. The OSC-Springfield facility focused on Blue Collar Computing, data-intensive and large-scale data mining, and bioinformatics

He has held positions with various organizations in the past, each of which adds to his impressive list of qualifications. Some of the positions include IS technical specialist for the Nationwide Insurance Company, research leader for the Dow Chemical Company and chief hardware/software engineer for the National Environmental Supercomputing Center as part of the Martin Marietta Technical Services Group. Prior to those, he had served as manager of the Systems Programming Group at OSC.

Wohlever earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Bowling Green State University in 1982.

Areas of Expertise
Business disaster recovery
HPC Systems
Storage systems

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