ScaLAPACK is a library of high-performance linear algebra routines for clusters supporting MPI. It contains routines for solving systems of linear equations, least squares problems, and eigenvalue problems.

This page documents usage of the ScaLAPACK library installed by OSC from source. An optimized implementation of ScaLAPACK is included in MKL; see the software documentation page for Intel Math Kernel Library for usage information.

Availability & Restrictions

ScaLAPACK is available to all OSC users without restriction.  If you need high performance, we recommend using MKL instead of the standalone scalapack module.

The following versions of ScaLAPACK are available on OSC systems:

Version Glenn Oakley Ruby
1.7 X    
2.0.1   X  
2.0.2     X



To use the ScaLAPACK libraries in your compilation on Oakley, first load the scalapack module:

module load scalapack

To use the ScaLAPACK libraries in your compilation on Glenn, you must load the acml module then the scalapack module. Both modules are compiler-dependent.

Compiler Commands
module load acml
module load scalapack
module load acml-gfortran
module load scalapack-gnu
module load acml-intel
module load scalapack-intel

Building With ScaLAPACK

Once loaded, the ScaLAPACK libraries can be linked in with your compilation. To do this, use the following environment variables:

On Oakley:

Variable Use
$SCALAPACK_LIBS Used to link ScaLAPACK into either Fortran or C

On Glenn:

Variable Use
$SCALAPACK_C_LIBS Used to link ScaLAPACK into a C program
$SCALAPACK_F77_LIBS Used to link ScaLAPACK into a Fortran program

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